ARK'S ​Foundation

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Our Mission

"To further the acceptance of disabled children in Ghana by promoting their education"

     When we met Mr. Ark, he told us of his hope to build a school on site for

the disabled children. None of the schools in Maase are handicap-accessible -

they don’t have ramps, handrails or any other helpful structures to make

getting to school easy for the children who are part of Physically Challenged

Action Foundation (PCAF). 

     Our major goal is to raise $100,000 which will finance the building materials required 

for the 12-classroom school in Maase for the children of PCAF. Mr. Ark will be funding

the labor costs as well as the furniture costs. We hope to have the money in three years

time (October of 2016). The 12-unit classroom block will be able house many children

and can be used for children of all ages (K-12). Our hope is to reach our goal by the suggested deadline, through the strong support of our peers, friends, family, and any willing helping hands. 

      Many of the children at PCAF are not able to attend school because of their condition, further impairing their chances of making a living for themselves or having a family of their own. With the school building that Mr. Ark dreams of, these children will have an equal opportunity with the children outside of the foundation. This is another step towards crossing the huge divide between these struggling, physically handicapped children and the rest of the community.