ARK'S ​Foundation

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Meet the Locals

How They Live

     At the facility in Ghana, the residents stay in
dormitories, one for girls and one for boys. Each 
resident is provided with a bunk, a mattress, and
a mosquito net to protect from harmful diseases
carried by insects in the area.

     Mr. Ark and the members of the Physically
Challenged Action Foundation (PCAF) sustain
themselves with the plot of 50 acres of land,
where they grow oranges, bananas, plantains, and corn. The land is also home to pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, and guinea fowl. PCAF is self-sustained, and the residents sell the crops and livestock they do not need to the community in order to purchase other vitalities. 

     Dominic Ebenezer attends Mr. Ark's disabled
centre with the hope of becoming independent.
After hearing about the program through his friend,
Dominic was hesitant to join the centre because he
didn't know anyone else there. But after joining
PCAF, Dominic found himself at home. He speaks
very highly of Mr. Ark, who has become like his
father. Because of his disability, Dominic’s family
has not visited him at all. Right now, education is
not available at PCAF. Regardless, he hopes to
become a tailor when he's older. "We are crying for help," said Dominic. "We need the help of others."

     Adjei Charles and Dominic Ebenezer hope that, through the generosity of others, Mr. Ark's dream of a handicap-accessible school will become reality.