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Due to agreement disputes with SupporterWall, we have removed our supporter wall for the time being. Thank you to Emma West, Jay Dearing and Cheryl Jennings-Blanchet for their support.

ARK'S ​Foundation

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Why Donate?

     Every donation, no matter how small, contributes to the construction of Ark's school, and, ultimately, to the edu​cation of the disabled children at Ark's. We hope you will take the time to donate, and remember: you are making a difference in the lives of so many! Thank you for your support.

How will your donation be used?

     Ark's Foundation plans to raise $100,000 to finance the materials required to construct the 12-classroom school that Mr. Ark needs. Each donation is securely deposited and held in a bank account specifically designated for the Physically Challenged Action Foundation. Apart from the processing fees charged by PayPal, 100% of the raised money will be put towards the building materials for the 12-classroom school at Mr. Ark’s facility in Offinso, Ghana.

Mr. Ark needs $8,000 to build one classroom, so $100,000 would fund all 12 classrooms in his school. Also, on page 20 of Mr. Ark's Budget Plan (which is available to download), the total cost of materials is listed as $95,953. In order to net $95,954, we will need to raise around $100,000 which will cover the bank fees.We hope to have acquired the $100,000 by October 2016. Mr. Ark will be funding the labor costs as well as the furniture costs.


     We plan to transfer the funds in stages, asking for regular updates from the quantity surveyors and Mr. Ark, along with pictures to show their progress with each payment. This ensures that the donations will be used for the intended purpose: the construction of classrooms for the disabled.


       Ark's Foundation is a registered public charity. We will send donors a donation receipt for tax purposes upon request.

    We have complete authority and discretion to use our funds for purposes consistent with our exempt purposes.