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About Us

How We Found Out About Ark's Center for the Disabled

     In July of 2013, fifteen high schoolers met with five adults in Ghana as part of VISIONS Service Adventures. For the next month, they volunteered at three different work sites: roofing a housing unit for teachers at a construction site, spending time in the children’s ward of a local hospital, and painting the dormitory walls at Ark’s center for disabled children.

     It was while we (Ivan, Andrew, and Ariel) were scrubbing moss off of the walls at Ark’s facility that we decided to undertake this project. After hearing Mr. Ark’s story, we were all inspired and moved to help. Whenever we had the chance, we would go to Ark’s, whether to feed the pigs or pick oranges. During our last week in Ghana, we made things official with Mr. Ark, promising to do our best to raise the money for the construction of his school.

Ivan Boyers  

     Hello, my name is Ivan Boyers, and I am currently a freshman at the University of North
Carolina - Chapel Hill.

     Every summer since the year I began seventh grade, I’ve gone on a community service trip
with VISIONS Service Adventures. I have been twice to the British Virgin Islands, once to
Alaska, and this summer I went to Ghana. My month in Ghana truly opened my eyes and inspired
me to help the people in need there. 

     While volunteering at Mr. Ark’s facility, I realized that if my time and effort should be put to
any use, it should be used to aid the people there and to further the impact that Ark has on the
disabled people of West Africa. Through hard work and support, I hope to eventually serve as a
vital piece in building and creating the largely important school that Ark dreams to add to his

Andrew Goodrum  

     Akwaaba! That’s “welcome” in Twi, the local Ghanaian language. My name is Andrew 
Goodrum, and I'm a sophomore at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. 

     In June of 2012, I went on a VISIONS trip to Alaska, and although I enjoyed my time in
Alaska, it was not nearly as poignant or moving as my time in Ghana. Volunteering at Ark's
center for the disabled impacted me in numerous ways. Every kid at the disabled center was
so enthusiastic and ready to practice their English with you. After drawing pictures in the dirt
and labeling them in English, I really got the impression that these kids had the desire to
learn. Unfortunately, these kids don’t have access to a specialized handicap-accesible school.
After discovering the children's love for learning, I became inspired. 

     Helping them became a priority, and raising enough money to build Ark's disabled center
a handicap-friendly school would easily be my greatest achievement. I hope to revisit Ghana
and see the radiant smiles on the children's faces as they head to school for the first time. It would be the most amazing, awe-inspiring experience.

Ariel Kim

     Hi everyone! My name is Ariel Kim, and I’m a freshman at Harvard University

     I dance, play the oboe, write for a literary magazine, design for the school yearbook, and
participate in community service. I like tea with honey, listening to loud music, Oreos, cold 
pillows, long car rides, paperback books, blue pens, Chick-Fil-A, the color green, cuddling, 
and Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh. :)

    In the future, I want to work with kids with neurodevelopmental disabilities as a pediatric
occupational therapist and psychiatrist. When I landed in Ghana after a ten-hour plane ride, 
I found what I was looking for. I’ll never forget the boys and girls with not much more than
the clothes on their backs who also had the biggest smiles on their faces. We played games,
picked oranges, sat under trees and talked... My favorite memory is playing in the rain. We
were drenched and shivering, but warmth of a different kind kept us giggling and running
around. Their dream of a school became my dream, and so we started Ark's Foundation, 
helping the kids at Ark's Place go to school like they deserve.

Laurel Stanley



     Greetings! My name is Laurel Stanley and I'm currently a senior at Newton North

High School in Massachusetts.

     Although, I have never been to Africa, my drive to help others and promote education has

been prevalent since a young age. After spending 4 weeks in Cambodia with Andrew, Ivan

and Sophie and hearing about their amazing cause, I knew I wanted to help in any way I

could. Upon returning home from our life changing trip to Cambodia, I started looking into

Ark's Foundation, and truly fell in love with the concept of the foundation.  From that day

on, I decided I wanted to raise as much money as I could, to support the efforts of building

the school in Ghana.  

For Fun!

       Check out the video that Andrew made after we got back from our trip: