Who is Ark?

Meet the man who started it all, back in 1988. His compassion for others and hopes for their futures has changed hundreds of lives, and he continues to have a positive impact today.

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Meet Charles and Ebenezer, two teens who live at Mr. Ark's center for disabled. These are their stories, their hopes, and their dreams.

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Meet the three of us - Ivan, Andrew, and Ariel. After spending a month in Ghana, we've each been touched by our experiences. We're just teenagers ourselves, but we have big dreams.

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Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact us! We love to hear from our supporters! 

When we met Mr. Ark, he told us of his hope to build a school on site for the disabled children. None of the schools in Maase are handicap-accessible - they don’t have ramps, handrails or any other helpful structures to make getting to school easy for the children who are part of Mr. Ark's center for the disabled, known as the Physically Challenged Action Foundation (PCAF).

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"To further the acceptance of disabled children in Ghana by promoting their education"

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Give your helping hand to those who need it!

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